Stadium seats from far away. Most of the seats are blue, but select ones are red to spell out Ted Lasso. Ted Lasso is just visible sitting in a seat at the bottom of the D.

Review: Let Season One of “Ted Lasso” Rope You In

(My insincerest apologies for the pun in the title.) Talking about the show Ted Lasso makes me want to speak in clichés. Big-hearted and optimistic! Full of charm! Root for the underdog! Teamwork makes the dream work! It's not about who wins or loses! Okay, that's about enough of that. But the show really does … Continue reading Review: Let Season One of “Ted Lasso” Rope You In

Review: “Call My Agent” is a Beautiful Bingetopia

There should be a word for the feeling you get upon finding a series to stream that just clicks for you. A series that creates a reality you want to marinate in for as long as possible. Bingetopia? Telecstasy? Streamjoyment? Happy Streams? Probably none of those. But it is definitely the feeling I have while … Continue reading Review: “Call My Agent” is a Beautiful Bingetopia

Get Pleasantly Hypnotized By “The Queen’s Gambit”

I read that it took Scott Frank, the writer and director of The Queen's Gambit, several decades to get backing for the series because studios worried chess was too boring. Really?!? Because I can think of two chess movies without trying. Plus, watching people play chess isn't that different from watching a sportsball you don't … Continue reading Get Pleasantly Hypnotized By “The Queen’s Gambit”

Profile of two women. Their gloved hands hold a paper with the words Lady Whistledown's Society Papers at the top.

Should You Binge BRIDGERTON?

My Dearest Reader,  Before we discuss all the ins and outs of the Bridgerton series, please permit me a few questions. Firstly, do you enjoy period dramas? Secondly, can you suspend disbelief if said drama's historical interpretation allows for creativity? Thirdly, do you enjoy diversity, sex-positivity, strong women, and Genetically Blessed male bodies? If you … Continue reading Should You Binge BRIDGERTON?