Five Garvey sisters posing with a hearse that says Just Dead in the back window. Eva, Grace, Bibi, and Ursula are posed around the car and dressed in black. Becka is wearing a red sweater and sitting on top with her arms open wide. Above are the words BAD SISTERS. Family. It's a killer.

BAD SISTERS (2022): An Exquisitely Good Show

CW: Some episodes have flashing lights. All episodes have gaslighting and abuse. Bad Sisters is an exquisitely good series filled with the darkest humor, dazzling writing, a pitch perfect soundtrack, excellent acting, delicious characters, and a deeply cathartic ending. That said, you should be forewarned that, because it's so well done, it may make your … Continue reading BAD SISTERS (2022): An Exquisitely Good Show

Title THIS WAY UP in pink letters superimposed over Aine, wearing a green bathing suit, and Shona, wearing a black bathing suit, sitting inside a sauna with the glass door pushed open. Both women are very sweaty and their white skin is bright red.

Review: Make THIS WAY UP Season 2 Your Next Binge Watch

The first thing I thought when I started watching Season 2 of This Way Up was, I hope we get to watch Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan as arguing, supportive, joking, somewhat co-dependent sisters until they're well into old age. I like to imagine all the ways the act will get richer, funnier, more nuanced, … Continue reading Review: Make THIS WAY UP Season 2 Your Next Binge Watch