Title poster for LOVE HARD. Across the top there are red and white draw Christmas lights. Below that in small font is a tagline that reads "A romantic comedy about the lies we tell for love." Below that it says A NETFLIX FILM lovehard (with a small text typing box above the word hard) below that are the stars' names Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O. Yang, Darren Barnet. Nov. 5 Netflix. Below that there is a picture of Nina Dobrev wearing a white winter hat and holding a green phone in her hands. Her fingernails are painted red. On either side are hand drawn pictures of cell phones with a photo of Jimmy O. Yang in one and Darren Barnet in the other. Around her head are small red drawings of things like a present, a thumbs down, a heart, a paper airplane, a Christmas tree, and a thumbs up.

YuleTube Review: LOVE HARD Has Some Charm, But So Much More Potential

It’s like the people behind Love Hard asked themselves, “What would happen if we used a tried and true holiday rom-com formula with perfectly fine actors in all the roles, but we made sure that none of them have any real romantic chemistry together?” Just none. Picture trying to light fireworks that have been sitting … Continue reading YuleTube Review: LOVE HARD Has Some Charm, But So Much More Potential

“Holidate” is More of a Holidon’t

Unless it is also your solemnly sworn duty to watch as many Netflix romantic comedies as possible, I think you can safely skip Holidate. Alternatively, you could find someone with the skills to edit together the handful of charming moments, thus saving yourself from slogging through the entire hour and forty-four minutes just for the … Continue reading “Holidate” is More of a Holidon’t