Title card for Starstruck. White letters against a black background.

Review: The Only Bad Thing About STARSTRUCK is That There Isn’t More of It

Uh, yes, please and thank you. I very much enjoyed gorging my eyeballs on all the sticky opposites-attract romantical entanglements, witty comedic banter, and will-they, won't-they tension that Starstruck serves up. Did I initially squeal when I saw Nikesh Patel and his Genetically Blessed Face appear in the trailer? I absolutely did, which is an … Continue reading Review: The Only Bad Thing About STARSTRUCK is That There Isn’t More of It

Review: Feast Your Eyes on “Emma.”

I'm pretty certain you could watch Emma. without sound or subtitles and still have a perfectly satisfying experience. The general arc of the story is formulaic enough to give you the gist (as always, that's not meant as an insult), but the costumes, the set design, and the running physical gags and humorous facial expressions … Continue reading Review: Feast Your Eyes on “Emma.”

Profile of two women. Their gloved hands hold a paper with the words Lady Whistledown's Society Papers at the top.

Should You Binge BRIDGERTON?

My Dearest Reader,  Before we discuss all the ins and outs of the Bridgerton series, please permit me a few questions. Firstly, do you enjoy period dramas? Secondly, can you suspend disbelief if said drama's historical interpretation allows for creativity? Thirdly, do you enjoy diversity, sex-positivity, strong women, and Genetically Blessed male bodies? If you … Continue reading Should You Binge BRIDGERTON?