Profile of two women. Their gloved hands hold a paper with the words Lady Whistledown's Society Papers at the top.

Should You Binge BRIDGERTON?

My Dearest Reader,  Before we discuss all the ins and outs of the Bridgerton series, please permit me a few questions. Firstly, do you enjoy period dramas? Secondly, can you suspend disbelief if said drama's historical interpretation allows for creativity? Thirdly, do you enjoy diversity, sex-positivity, strong women, and Genetically Blessed male bodies? If you … Continue reading Should You Binge BRIDGERTON?

“Dash & Lily” Should Be At The Top of Your YuleTubing List

The tradition of Christmas-themed limited series that are meant to be binge-watched before the tinsel loses its sheen is a relatively new (and very welcome addition) to the holiday entertainment landscape. You see, from my secular, northern-hemisphere-centric perspective, so much of the December holidays are about creating light and warmth in the darkest, coldest time … Continue reading “Dash & Lily” Should Be At The Top of Your YuleTubing List

‘Yes, God, Yes’ You Should Watch This Movie

Yes, God, Yes is, by far, the sweetest, gentlest, sincerest—and funniest—movie about sexual awakening (and masturbation!) that I can remember watching. Because I have to rewatch things so many times to get screenshots and quotes, I often worry that the Netflix algorithm will mistakenly think I'm obsessed with a movie that I hate. But in … Continue reading ‘Yes, God, Yes’ You Should Watch This Movie