Five Garvey sisters posing with a hearse that says Just Dead in the back window. Eva, Grace, Bibi, and Ursula are posed around the car and dressed in black. Becka is wearing a red sweater and sitting on top with her arms open wide. Above are the words BAD SISTERS. Family. It's a killer.

BAD SISTERS (2022): An Exquisitely Good Show

CW: Some episodes have flashing lights. All episodes have gaslighting and abuse. Bad Sisters is an exquisitely good series filled with the darkest humor, dazzling writing, a pitch perfect soundtrack, excellent acting, delicious characters, and a deeply cathartic ending. That said, you should be forewarned that, because it's so well done, it may make your … Continue reading BAD SISTERS (2022): An Exquisitely Good Show

Fakes promo image. Becca in a pink coat, bucket hat and sunglasses, smiling while pointing to Zoe who is in a brown coat, bucket hat and is looking straight ahead. Behind them are images of fake IDs. Below it says: FAKE IT 'TIL YOU MAKE IT.

FAKES Season 1 (2022): A Sincerely Good Series

Watching all ten episodes of Fakes will likely leave you with some trust issues, but you can believe me when I say it's entirely worth it. The Canadian series—which recounts the story of two high school best friends accidentally-on-purpose building a huge fake-ID empire—doesn't move at the frenetic pace of a lot of Netflix shows, … Continue reading FAKES Season 1 (2022): A Sincerely Good Series

Emilia, Cucu, and Adela who all have thick curly hair, sitting in lawn chairs, dressed for the pool. Behind them is Victor with his arms crossed, looking down and smiling. Tropical plants and a yellow beach umbrella are behind him. Tagline: the American dream...pero not quite. max ORIGINAL GORDITA CHRONICLES

GORDITA CHRONICLES (2022): A Dream of Series…Crushed by Cancellation

Gordita Chronicles is a whole American Dream of a series, and it is an OUTRAGE and a CRIMINAL ACT that HBO didn't renew it for a second season. Hopefully, it will get picked up somewhere else. For now, we have ten glorious episodes of this smart, warm, funny, insightful show, which tells the story of … Continue reading GORDITA CHRONICLES (2022): A Dream of Series…Crushed by Cancellation

Against a green floor with a yellow line down the middle, there are similar ornate rugs on either side of the line. An older, well-dressed woman is lying on each side of the line, reaching across grabbing the woman by the hair and screaming. In red font at the top: THE BEST FAMILIES A film by JAVIER FUENTES-LEON. At the bottom of the poster: FAMILY CAN BE A BATTLEFIELD.

LAS MEJORES FAMILIAS (THE BEST FAMILIES) (2020): A Deliciously Dark Comedy

Is there a word specifically for stumbling across a movie that delights you in wholly unexpected ways? If not, we should coin one. Then, I would immediately apply it to Las Mejores Familias (The Best Families)—a black comedy about the upheaval that ensues when two intertwined upper-class Peruvian families unearth decades old secrets at a … Continue reading LAS MEJORES FAMILIAS (THE BEST FAMILIES) (2020): A Deliciously Dark Comedy